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Aiken (SC) Alumni Chapter visits The Croft House of Aiken, SC

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

This past weekend a few of the Brothers of the Aiken (SC) Alumni Chapter took time to honor some of the senior citizens at the Croft House for Mother’s Day.

An independent living community, Croft House comprises HUD-subsidized low-income apartments for independent seniors who may need help with day to day activities but who do not require around-the-clock nursing care. Trained staff are on hand 24 hours a day to deal with emergencies. They also conduct routine insulin monitoring for diabetic patients and help with mobility issues. Meal programs through Aiken County and volunteer organizations are available to ensure that residents’ nutritional needs are looked after.

While serving our elders one of the brothers had a chance to interview a special gentleman by the name of Mr. Jon . The event was lead by Brother Willie Clark. We started out with prayer and lite refreshments as we discussed various topics around the thought “what is your fondest memory of your mother?" Then we took time to sit and talk to the residents of the Croft house .

Brother Xavier Davis shares a moment with Mr. Jon.

Mr Jon lived in the state of Mississippi and then moved here to Aiken where his mother had several jobs not only in South Carolina but also Californiaand his father was in the U.S Navy . Mr Jon also is has been apart of the Special Olympics for 25 years and is a gold medalist in bowling , tennis , Soccer , volley ball. Mr.Jon. Says that he loves going on trips places such as South bend Indiana where he played tennis for the special Olympics also Myrtle beach ,Charlestonand Iowa to compete in bowling tournaments for the special Olympics Mr . Jon says he also got the special honor of meeting Kennedy (Mrs.Eunice Kennedy Shriver) who helped start the special Olympics because her daughter was handicapped and her daughter took over her duties at the special Olympics after her passing . Mr. Jon says he still bowls sometimes but has left arm discomfort here and there but has retired from the special Olympics. Mr.Jon says he spends his time completing puzzles and gives them away as gifts.

The Brothers of the ALMIGHTY Aiken (SC) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. would like to thank the Croft House of Aiken for allow us to come in and serve and spend time with our elders on this Mothers Day weekend.

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